Air Conditioner Uninstallation And Installation Service

Air Conditioner Uninstallation And Installation Service

Window And Split AC Uninstallation

While buying AC in the market, the first question the shopkeeper will ask is how many tons of AC you need. Here ton does not mean its weight but its cooling capacity. How many tons of AC you need depends on many things like Size of the room, how many people live in the place, items kept in the room (beds, cupboards, etc.), electrical products in the room, whether the room is facing direct sunlight or not.

Window AC Un Installation Charges

AC Capacity AC Type Cost
For 1.0 Ton Window AC Rs. 649/-
For 1.5 Ton Window AC Rs. 649/-
For 2.0 Ton Window AC Rs. 649/-

Split AC Uninstallation Cost

AC Capacity AC Type Charges
For 1.0 Ton Split AC Rs. 749/-
For 1.5 Ton Split AC Rs. 749/-
For 2.0 Ton Split AC Rs. 749/-

The Significant Steps Involved In Window Ac Uninstall Are:

  • Window AC unit is un-plugged: when the technician starts window AC uninstallation, the AC unit is turned off and unplugged from the power outlet.

  • Lagging and padding are removed: Afterwards, the AC unit it is unblocked wadding like foam paddings pressed against the sides of the device are detached.

  • Visible cover and air filter are aloof: After the AC unit has been released, the front cover of window AC is removed. Most facade covers of window AC can be uninvolved without the help of any tool, but some involve the use of a screwdriver.

  • The central unit is unconcerned from the outer case: Now, the private group of window AC is impassive from the outer case. The central unit can be drawn out of the case easily using some natural forte. Window AC is dense and needs two people for uninstallation. AC uninstallation charges must be the only thing that people do not inform at the time of uninstallation.

  • The outer unit is detached from the window: After the central unit is removed, the outer case is unscrewed from the window unit with a screwdriver.

What is included in Split AC uninstallation charges?

  • Before uninstalling a split AC, the power supply is turned off. It is guided to put a bucket or tray below the central unit to catch coolant or water leak.

  • Copper pipes and wires that connect the central unit of split ac that are unscrewed and that all are included in AC Uninstallation Service.

  • It is good to remove the coolant before the uninstallation of split AC.

  • The uninstalled split AC, connecting copper pies, and cables are kept on a plastic sheet spread on the floor.

AC Uninstallation:

  • It is good to remove the coolant before the uninstallation of AC. And know all about the ac uninstallation services near me for quick service.
  • It is directed to put a container or try underneath the central unit to latch coolant or water spill.

  • Both window Air Conditioner and split AC are weighty and must be uninstalled by two people.

AC Uninstallation Near Me

  • Air filter and fan cleaning, technician, move to the outer part, and that all are included in ac uninstallation service near me.

  • AC condenser and evaporator coil dusting are comes in Voltas ac uninstallation.

  • AC condenser and evaporator fan cleaning depend upon its need.

  • Drain cleaning and leakage check are another essential part of uninstallation service

  • Coolant level check-in air conditioner comes in ac gas filling charges.

  • Overall inspection of the AC unit and ac uninstallation services are only done in the supervision of trained technicians.

New Technology New Stars:

Apart from tonnage and star ratings, the technology has now equipped AC with many more features. See which ACs are present in the market:

  • Central Air Conditioner
  • Ductless and mini-split air conditioner
  • Window air conditioner


You can contact AC Care India to provide service to your air conditioners. Every time they will take the low cost for cleaning your air conditioners, and they also offer first-time free service.

There are several ways that you can cool your home, but with any central air conditioning system, the fundamentals are the same. you will have a method of eradicating warm air to produce fresh air, a way to dispense the air to all of the rooms in your home, naturally your duct system, and a way to control or adjust your order (thermostat). The first section of your air conditioning system is a temperature controller. When the air temperature upsurges beyond a preset level on your thermostat, the thermostat refers to an indicator of the air conditioner. These pointers the air conditioner that it is time to switch on.

Most central air conditioning units activate through a split system. That is, they involve of a "hot" side, or the condensing unit—counting the condensing coil, the compressor and the fan—which is positioned outside your home, and a "cold" side that is located classified your home. The cold front involves an extension valve and a cold coil, and it is usually part of your heater or a particular type of air handler. The kiln blows air through an evaporator coil, which chills the air. Then this fresh air is directed throughout your home, employing a sequence of air ducts.

Split AC Outdoors Re-Installation

Split AC Capacity Split AC Outdoors Reinstallation Charges
For 1.0 Ton Split AC Rs. 549/-
For 1.5 Ton Split AC Rs. 549/-
For 2.0 Ton Split AC Rs. 549/-

Split AC Indoor Re-Installation

Split AC Capacity Split AC Indoor Reinstallation Charges
For 1.0 Ton Split AC Rs. 549/-
For 1.5 Ton Split AC Rs. 549/-
For 2.0 Ton Split AC Rs. 549/-
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