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AC Service During Lockdown

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The temperature rises to 40 degrees Celsius this week in Delhi NCR. Meanwhile, people holed up inside their homes, because of the nationwide lockdown to minimize the spread of the new coronavirus disease or COVID-19. A person can feel the scratching heat dig deeper into their skin at the beginning of this month itself. Some people want to delay the use of air-conditioner to save up an electricity bill or maybe some glitches in their AC. Most of the service centres are closed as per government guidelines AC is a non-essential service and then make the worst condition for those who want to install and air conditioner or someone who are in search of repair and service.

So, because of lockdown buying, installing or servicing of ACs are not allowed during the lockdown. Most of the air conditioner needs to be repaired or introduced at the beginning of the season to resolve the internal wear and tear. Some most common air conditioner glitches include cleaning of filters, refilling the AC’s refrigerant and some others. Many Delhi NCR cities allow online AC service providers like AC care India that provide essential appliance repair services, including AC repair services.

As per official guidelines issued at the time of lockdown extension some require relaxation for self-employed electricians, maintenance specialists, plumbers, and regional service providers. As now you can book doorstep air conditioner service from AC care India in Delhi NCR region. A person can save some money by doing some simple maintenance practices of your own at the beginning and the end of the season. Here you can find some air conditioner self-servicing ways to stay calm and relaxed during the lockdown.

Step- 1: First, you have to switch off your air conditioner to make it safe for opening.

Step-2: Remove the cover grill by detaching the set of screws.

Step-3: Clean the oil of the fan motor and wipe of condenser fan because those must be covered with dust and pollens

Step-4: Lubricate the fan motor and condenser with the prescribed oil

Step-5: Clean the condenser coil along with the fins with the help of fin combs

Step-6: Recycle the refrigerant gas if it in adequate amount

Step-7: Remove the casing to clean the filter with soap and water and dry with a clean cloth to make it safe of bacteria and pollens

Step-8: Clean the ducts as it also contains dust and debris that may be sucked during the run

Step-9: Check various parts such filter, coil and the thermostat on a regular basis

Step-10: Ensure that all the detached parts are at their exact place before re-fixing and to get optimum performance.

What Included In AC Self-Service During Lockdown

While business across the world are suffering due to the COVID- 19, small business and electronic service providers who deal in an air conditioner in the national capital region is missing out their most productive times as summer starts. At this time, these start getting calls for AC service, installation and inverter servicing, but this year their income will be zero by the time. As people stuck at their and they wanted to install an air conditioner to work from home peacefully. The air conditioner provides a pleasant environment inside their homes, and that makes it more productive and focused on their work from home.

From using ceiling fans to desert coolers are not sufficient these days due to high day temperature so, the only option left is to use an air conditioner for the optimal cooling in your desired area. AC not only cools your inside air, but it also purifies the external air and prohibits the entry of undesired dust particles, pollens, and bacteria's most of the people worried without having an air conditioner at their homes as temperatures cross 40 degree Celsius. As we are in the 3rd stage of lockdown, where government starts allowing maintenance services with fewer service technicians.

You can make these services available on call from AC care India as they start servicing all air conditioner brands. Dial their customer care number to get no-time service along with expert customer service solutions like self-maintaining and upkeep. They also avail chat process to help customers in case of minor changes and make it possible through video calls. As summer is knocking them, starts do it yourself services all over India with the assistance of their local support staffs.

AC care India also active on different social media platforms, where you connect them and share your issues. They are serviceable in your hard times when most of the AC service centres and their call centres are suspended their services for indefinite times. You can either call their customer care or fill the service request form with a specific issue. Their customer service team calls you back to understand the exact problem and resolve any queries as soon as possible. They can remotely help its customers via WhatsApp and their customer service phone numbers as they want to ensure the best customer service at all times.  

Here are some DIY (do it yourself) tips for maintaining your air conditioner during the lockdown

Most of the people are working from home as most of the electronic gadgets are working at most of the times to work in an effective way. As we also have to maintain these appliances because of their excessive use while staying safe at homes. Here are some do it yourself tips for keeping the air conditioner while the Ac technician is out of reach.

1. Take off the covers and check the various parts such as filter and thermostat

2. Clean the air conditioner thoroughly to wipe excess dirt due to lack of use

3. Clean the filter by taking the front cover that enhances the cooling. You can also wash them with gentle hands for maximum results

4. Wipe off dust and pollen accumulated on the condenser grill before closing the cover

5. Don’t forget to recheck the removed parts and screws are at their exact places after cleaning

6. Finally, clean the air conditioner from the outside as well before enjoying the fresh air

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