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Best Portable AC In India

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The air conditioner reduces indoor heat as it makes the inside air cool and calm in the warm summer. The portable air conditioners are economical as compared to other models and come with low maintenance air conditioners. It can be a suitable replacement for a water cooler as it can give you faster and eco-friendly cooling at an economical cost. The best part about a portable air conditioner is its flexibility in moving from one place to another in any room size and other spaces. You have to remember one thing that you must analyze the cooling requirement as per your room size.

Few other things that you should keep in mind while buying a portable air conditioner is its noise level because it is installed inside your living room. Many top air conditioner brands are selling portable ACs in India where you buy and get benefited. You have to choose your desired one by analyzing your personalized needs as per your cooling requirement. A portable air conditioner is a lightweight unit as you can quickly move it from one place to another. It has one of the most comfortable installation processes in which you never need any special training. The cleaning of the air conditioner unit is relatively easy and affordable as you can also do yourself and get hassle-free clean water.

The Notable Features About Portable AC

At the time of buying an expensive product like a portable air conditioner, you should always check the public reviews and ratings. This is one safest way to choose the best portable air conditioner and minimize the chances of selecting the wrong product.

  • Steady Airflow- the vertical structure of a portable air conditioner provides powerful airflow to the target area as you can get constant cooling as per your need as it makes it easy to reach the optimum temperature of the room quickly

  • Easily Movable- one can easily change the place of a portable air conditioner as it gives you the quality of air cooler with more excellent cooling. You have to keep in mind that you can have to move it carefully to avoid any breakage and re-fixing

  • Multi-Dimensional Cooling- the portable air conditioners come with the quality of air conditioner, fan, dehumidifier as it can give you constant cooling by eradicating humidity

  • High Tank Capacity- portable air conditioners come with dual tank capacity as it can give you constant and uninterrupted cooling for a long time. So, it can beat the summer efficiently and effectively without making any large power bill

  • Anti-Bacterial Air Filter- the portable air conditioners come with different air filters as it gives cold air free from dust, pollens, and microbes. Their multiple air filters can purify the air in many stages as you can get healthy air free from all the impurities.

  • Remote Control- the portable air conditioner must be fully automatic for comfortable handling and easy access.

  • User-Friendly Interface- the best and updated portable air conditioner means it has an electronic touch display and instant on/off buttons.

  • Sleep Timer And Other Functions- the auto-sleep mode can be activated whenever it reaches the optimum temperature and starts when it needs cooling.

  • The Additional Modes- the majority of Ac comes with fan swing options, but you have to find the other features like temperature control system, Dehumidifier, and the auto sleep modes. 

Working Principle Of Portable Air Conditioner

The portable air conditioner works like an ordinary air conditioner that sucks warm air, purify into the cold air and decreases humidity and reverts inside your room. So, venting hot air through the open window and the condenser condenses the water collected during the room cooling and strained away. Some venting ducts are also given with air conditioners to seal the air conditioner gap and stop the cold air. In this way, they collectively produce cold air inside the room and flush out most of the hot and humid air outside the area. This whole phenomenon is a complex process, as we all need to know before buying a portable air conditioner.

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Most portable air conditioners require suitable ventilation to send the hot air outside the area and suck the room's cold air. If your space doesn't have any vent or window, you have to make a hole in the wall to give proper ventilation to the air conditioner. The portable air conditioner does not have any star ratings to show power efficiency as you have to choose it by selecting your location. In this way, you can surely get an exact idea of how much energy it takes for one hour running. The best way to choose a portable air conditioner by its lightweight, large water tank capacity, multiple filters, and other features like a humidifier and fan. As you know, that is easy to install and carry, so it is suitable for the small to medium-sized room.

Road To Find The Right Portable AC unit

  • It is important to concentrate see the features and aesthetics but try to find a portable air conditioner with the updated British thermal units (BTUs) or Seasonally Adjusted Cooling Capacity (SACC) ratings. Avoid buying too strong and too weak portable air conditioners because the extra tonnage can produce more cooling, and weak air conditioners produce insufficient cooling.
  • BTUs- (British Thermal units) the air conditioner capacity measured for particular room size.
  • SAAG- this is a new rating measured in BTU per hour based on several factors. You can also calculate your appropriate air conditioner unit by using these methods.
  • A portable air conditioner gives you the luxury to move it from one place to another and proves more efficient than others. The portable air conditioners are available in 1 to 4 tons so that you can buy any one of them as per your environmental conditions. The person living in a humid area chooses a dehumidification unit to remove access to moisture and heat.

Things That Matter While Purchasing A Portable AC

1. Size

The main things to consider before purchasing a portable AC is its actual size. These air conditioners are rated in British Thermal Units (BTUs) per hour. The greater the BTUs, the higher is the coverage cooling area of the portable unit.

2. Efficiency

It is vital to look for the Energy Efficiency Ratio of the portable air conditioner unit before or while purchasing it.

3. Placement

It should be positioned near the window to make the better cooling.

4. Noise Level

Portable ACs also create mild noise as other air conditioners do. So, we must take care of this point while buying an AC because noisy air conditioners lead to insufficient sleep.

5. Maintenance

You need to clean filters as directed by the manufacturer and don't forget to defrost the unit entirely if ice forms on the coils.

These things must be considered before buying a portable AC as you have to focus on the appearance of the product along with analyzing warranty period. Choose only those brand who give access to quality customer care and after-sales service facilities. You must have to take a look at the varieties of portable air conditioners, features, functions, and other vital factors to consider before selecting a home portable air conditioner.

At the time of choosing a portable air conditioner, you have a clear idea about the room dimensions and choose the most suited portable AC that offers adequate cooling. Don't forget to check the auto-restart feature, as it helps to manage in case of frequent power cuts. This feature will shut off the AC model automatically when the power cut occurs, and it keep cooling when the power backs in.

It is upon you to decide if you want a portable air conditioner with an on/off timer function that helps to switches off the AC automatically after a certain period. You also want to check if the Portable AC model can shift the airflow as per the cooling requirement to get the room adequately cooled. It is best to buy a portable AC that follows all safety requirements, works silently and offers variable fan speeds.

Find a Portable AC with proper water holding space or evaporations system so that the room must be cool without any water lagging on the floor. Portable AC with humidifiers and inbuilt heating technology will be another useful feature for wet areas and winters. A Portable AC with an anti-bacterial filter keeps your room climate hygienic to prevent any allergic reactions. A remote control LED control panel makes it easy to control its functions.

All these features are applicable when you have a good budget and adequate knowledge to choose the best performing AC. Choose a high energy-efficient model that offers more power savings, even long hours usage. With on-time service and maintenance, a portable air conditioner can elevate its life. Choose your portable AC model with smart features like Wi-Fi control, hot and cold, and air purification features.

The Standard Room Size And The Cooling Capacity Of The Air Conditioner

Certain things may be considered before going to choose a portable air conditioner is the exact size of the room and choose the exact matched AC. The portable air conditioners are small and compact as they do not occupy much floor space. You can place the type of air conditioner unit at any place of the room where need its most of the cooling.

The Capacity Of The Portable AC Size Of The Room

0.8 ton

100 sq. feet

1 ton

50 sq. feet

1.5 ton

250 sq. feet

2 ton

400 sq. feet

Buying Guide For Portable AC

A portable air conditioner is a compact and flexible unit as it can be carried and installed wisely as per your requirement. It comes with strong wheels to make it movable and opens a lot of options to use. You must have to consider these things before choosing an air conditioner if you don't want to regret your decision. You can also go through the specifications of different brands of portable air conditioners and choose the best. By comparing all these brands' portable air conditioners, you can better know about the selected air conditioner's cooling technology along with its cooling capacity.

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See all the technicalities about the portable air conditioner like how much energy consumption can give you enough cooling. Always choose a portable air conditioner after analyzing the cooling requirement as per the person living in a particular area. The better you know your cooling requirement, the best you choose an air conditioner for your home.

Benefits Of Home Portable AC

A portable air conditioner can make your cold and pleasant in any harsh condition because of the temperature rise. It can have several other benefits that are mentioned below-

  • A portable air conditioner needs less space anywhere in your house and also low energy consumption
  • It lowers the humidity efficiently by using environmentally friendly refrigerant gas
  • Easy plugin options as you connect with any ordinary plug and enjoy the cooling, no need for power plugs
  • Portable AC will give you the mobility to grab fresh air by moving it quickly from place to place through its strong wheels
  • Portable Ac uses several functions like air purifiers, spot cooling, dehumidifier, and air cooling that conjointly make your inside space pleasant
  • Its air purifying ability stops insects' entry, clouds of dust, and other pollens inside your house through ventilation
  • All these produce a good night's sleep for your family members without making any noise.

Summary About Portable Air Conditioner

The portable air conditioner is getting massive popularity overall available air conditioner models because of its flexibility to move and carry the facility. People choose portable air conditioner oversplit, windows, and central air conditioners because they want an appropriate space for installation and ventilation. Like portable air conditioners, others do not offer such kinds of flexibility to move it from one place to another as per requirement inside the house. The portable air conditioner is also appropriate in the home where there is no available space for the split, windows, and central air conditioners.

Apart from all these, it also consumes less electricity as compared to other air conditioner models. Portable air conditioners are available in different price and capacity ranges, so you can choose from 1 to 4 tonnage capacities. Here you can get the option to select a portable air conditioner as per the climate of the particular area as you are living in a humid area, then choose the dehumidifier option that eradicates excess moisture from the air. Portable air conditioner volts requirement never exceeds 240 volts as you never need any external equipment for voltage stability. Buying a single portable air conditioner will be enough for your entire house as you can carry it where you need it more.

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