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Hitachi 1.0 Ton Window AC

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Why Is Hitachi AC Best For The Use? 

Hitachi is one of the most reputed air conditioning company. Being a Japanese brand, Hitachi produces the right quality products with advanced features and improved technology. Hitachi is among the Fortune 500 companies. The key theme of Hitachi AC is versatility, push for energy efficiency, and innovation in large appliances.

They offer a complete catalogue of AC ranging from residential to commercial, Hitachi window AC to Hitachi split AC, from fixed ones to inverter-based. Also, they have a vast network of manufacturing units, R&D labs, service stations, and retail outlets. At present, around 600 service stations are available in the country, which builds the faith of the people residing in and are planning to get Hitachi air conditioner.

For Smart Cooling iSee And iSense Technology Is Used

Hitachi has a highly professional team who always want to make lives better by innovating something new. They keep on coming up with something amazing and alluring. They improve the air conditioners for the people today. iSee and iSense came up for this reason only. The new models in the kashikoi series have iSee technology. These products have a built-in intelligent image sensor technology. This is to ensure that the people in the room get an equal amount of cooling comfort, and there is a minimum amount of cooling wastage.

The image sensor senses the number of people in the room their activity and provides the required cooling comfort. It also recognizes the shape and the size of the room, and that way, they move the swing feature to provide perfect cooling. The main aim of the iSee technology is to make sure there is a better airflow is directed to the people in the room.

Sometimes it happens that you wake up in the middle of the night feeling cold. This is because, at night, the temperature falls, and ordinary conditioners cannot sense it. The air conditioners with iSense technology sense the temperature drop and cool the room accordingly, unlike the ACS with the fixed setting. Even Hitachi AC's price is quite affordable compared to other companies at present.

Wi-Fi Connect To Control AC With Smartphone

There are times when we forget where we have kept the remote of the AC. It becomes true of the problem to switch on an AC without the remote. This is the reason why Hitachi AC India came up with the iConnect series, which has a feature of Wi-Fi connection using which you can operate your AC with your smartphone.

The user only needs to download the dedicated app and pair it with the router. This way, the user can control 4 AC from any part of the room. Even if there is no router or Wi-Fi connect still the person can use the direct Wi-Fi feature. This would be a boon to the people who forget where they have kept the remote most of the time.

The Four-Way Swing For Uniform Cooling

Usually, the ACs come with 2-way swing blade to distribute the fresh air inside the room. But the modern split ACs from Hitachi air conditioner India comes with a 4-way swing facility that blows the air in different directions of the room to ensure that there is a through cooling inside the room. The 4-way air distribution system helps cool more significant areas in very less time simply by adjusting the horizontal and vertical louvre. Therefore Hitachi AC 1 ton is enough to cool a big room within a minimum amount of time.

Cold And Hot AC For Contrasting Climate

When we think of AC, the first thing that comes to our mind is an appliance that blows only chilled air that cools down the whole temperature of the room. The pioneers of the air conditioning companies thought something different. The user can now also use the air conditioner in frosty winters, too, as per their choice.

The AC used in this weather condition will turn up the temperature and will make it warm and comfortable. Well, the modern Hitachi ACs, along with the window, implements the same theory. They come with a heat mode option that reverses the air conditioning process ultimately. The Hitachi AC online also have such facilities. Now you don’t need to visit the showroom. You can even buy it online.

It Uses Eco-Friendly R410 Refrigerant Technology

A refrigerant is a fluid-like substance that absorbs heat from the room and sends it to the outer surface. The refrigerant undergoes changes from liquid to gas and then again back to liquid. Most of the air conditioner from Hitachi comes with an R410 refrigerant, which is a hydrofluorocarbon or HFC, and it doesn't contribute to the ozone later depletion. It also has the power to absorb more heat from the surrounding than the usual refrigerant. This also reduces the chance of burnout of compressor due to prolonged use of the appliance.

If by any chance, any of the parts of the AC are worn out or burns, then you can go for the available spare parts rather than changing the whole of the appliance. The Hitachi AC spare parts price is comparatively lower than replacing the whole of the device.

Expandable Tropical Inverter For Optimum Cooling

Thankfully now we have an AC that has scalable tropical inverter technology in it. The Hitachi AC inverter technology is genuinely designed for Indian Tropical Climate. The Inverter ACs have a massive scale in the market, and nearly everybody wants it for it’s an excellent performance. The inverter technology is analogous to the engine of a car. When the compressor needs less power, it sends less energy, and when it needs more, it gets more. Thus, the power switching is due to the air and climate. Therefore you get a perfect balance of temperature inside the room.

Hitachi AC price in India is very less than the other companies selling their air conditioning appliances. Buy Hitachi AC and experience a significant cooling effect in all weather conditions. Go online a look at the Hitachi AC rate and the number of features that you get at that same price from the other brands. You will see that Hitachi is best is all ways. 



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